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The Essential Oil Revolution

October 12, 2016



I was recently introduced to essential oils by one of my friends who has been using essential oils for years as home remedies for just about anything. She has been so nice to help me out and teach me the uses of it. I'm so grateful to have her help and I'm extremely excited that she got me started on this new lifestyle.


The first time I heard my friend talking about essential oils, I was not sure if it was something I completely believed in.  I knew my friend well, we worked together for a few years in a doctors office; she is a physician assistant and sees patients day in and day out, she is someone who knows the importance of good health. I became very intrigued by the fact that a woman, who has been working in the medical field her entire life, prefers the use of essential oils over taking medications herself. I did know that there are real alternative medicines out there, but for some reason I had thought essential oils were more for making your house smell good, not for any real medicinal purpose.


She really wanted me to give it a try and gifted me with an amazing essential oil starter kit. It came with 10 different essential oils, some were blends and some were single oils. She told me to do my own research and see what works for me and helped me with some resources where I could read more about it. 


I've always suffered from horrible menstrual cramps, back pain, headache, you name a symptom from having a period, I suffer from it. So, that time of the month came, I woke up with horrible cramps and lower back pain. I took out my reference book and applied one of the oils that came in my kit and 10-15 minutes later...my pain was gone! "What?!" I thought to myself, nothing I've taken before has ever worked that fast.


Done, I was convinced!


I felt like I had a bottle of magic and I quickly started using my oils for everything. The biggest difference I've noticed has been in my mood, let me tell you, some oils are better than a therapist, for some reason it just makes you feel so good!


It wasn’t until a few weeks later of using these oils that it really started to sink in, I've been missing this my entire life? Why aren't there other people taking advantage of this lifestyle? Why are we drugging ourselves so much when we can be taking something completely natural that is so beneficial to our health?


I don't pay much attention to news about our healthcare system, but I am very aware of costs of doctor visits and medication. Pharmaceutical companies thrive on the fact we are so quick to take a pill for so many unnecessary reasons. 


During all my research I found out that plenty of other countries use essential oils for medicinal purposes. In Japan essential oils are used on a daily basis and you’d be shocked to find out that Japan has nearly 50,000 people living that are over the age of 100. Yes, the US has just about the same amount but Japan is one-third our size!



What makes essential oils so special? 

Essential oils are the highly concentrated essence of plants, in my friends words: "using essential oils is like taking the immune system of the plant". Plants are earth’s natural medicine, they contain antioxidants, antimicrobial vitamins, minerals and more. We have become experts at distilling super concentrated, extremely potent drops of oil. For example,

there are about 22 pounds of rose petals for a 5ml bottle of a pure essential oil. These super potent essential oils are formulated specifically to boost your body’s natural immunity as well as kill germs, viruses and other toxins in your body and in your home!


I found out quickly that there is only a small group of people who are extremely passionate about the powers of essential oils. And there are some very poorly crafted oils I've come across in the shelves of our stores. Apparently many essential oil companies just don’t care about product purity. 


So, what essential oil companies can you trust?

There are a handful but Young Living is by far the best one, the company has a "Seed to Seal" production process, they produce the best, most authentic essential oils in the world from start to finish. All of their oils are pure and very, very powerful. This company's oils has literally changed how I look at medicine.  Not only that, this company also allows anyone to become a part of their journey, just by making the decision to adapt to a healthier lifestyle.


As I learn about essential oils for a more natural well-being in my life, I would also like to extend my help to get you started and guide you to the right resources. If this is something that sparks your interest, please feel free to reach out to me so you can too join the essential oil revolution!


Visit my essential oils website page to learn more about it!










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The Essential Oil Revolution

October 12, 2016

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